A passion for trading

A passion for trading is in our blood. We have mastered the art of bringing demand and supply together. Many years´ experience have taught us the shortest route to the best product–market combinations. Vadelo is an ideal trading partner for multinationals, the major business market, chain-store businesses and retailers.

 Thinking big

As a partner Vadelo offers extra value by guaranteeing the best prices and conditions. We are able to do this because we confine ourselves to carrying only those products for which we are a market-leader. We maintain this position by continually starting up the right production facilities in the right place and creating the largest purchasing volume in the market. All to your advantage.

 Trading partner

In the past few years we have expanded to become a market-leader in purchasing cash register rolls, snapframes, chalkboards and pavement signs. Vadelo is reliable trading partner; quality, price and service are our highest priority. Our flexibility knows no bounds, thanks to our knowledge of the market and our worldwide network. Having our own production facilities and exclusive import rights makes Vadelo an independent trading partner and you, the customer, are always central. We can help you to make or save money.

‘International reputation for reliability’


Vadelo is a renowned trading partner with a worldwide network of production facilities and exclusive import rights for cash register rolls, snapframes, chalkboards and pavement signs. We have been trading actively since 2004 and have achieved our current position as market-leader within our chosen product assortment. Increasing demand from large European parties lead to restructuring, and the formation of Vadelo B.V. was the result. The same familiar address, from which we can serve our customers even better.

Quality, price and service are our highest priority. Thanks to these qualities our circle of customers includes a large number of Europe’s top companies. Multinationals and chain-store businesses, wholesalers and retailers, all regard Vadelo as an internationally reliable address. The heart of this company is our central office in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, with its 25-strong workforce driving worldwide trade.

  Core values

  Reliable partner
  Worldwide network
  Lowest prices guaranteed
  Fast delivery

‘Market-leader in our products!’


With our own worldwide network of production facilities and exclusive import rights we are a market-leader in cash register roll, snapframes, chalkboards and pavement signs. We carry only those products for which have a leading position in the market. You purchase at source, with the associated bulk- and margin advantages. This means we can guarantee the best prices and conditions.

For distributers, wholesalers and retailers

We have become an internationally trusted address for wholesalers, distributers and other retail channels, who trust Vadelo’s quality, price, service and fast delivery. Thanks to these qualities we can deliver our products to many of Europe’s top companies. Determine your advantage and enquire about the possibilities for sampling, product demonstrations, stock-control and dropshipping. We will help you make money.

For multinationals and chain-store businesses

Vadelo delivers only top-quality products that contribute to the brand experience. Thanks to our specialization and expertise, multinationals and chain-store businesses regard Vadelo as a valued partner for both standard and customized products. Vadelo’s customers include Shell, Albert Heijn, McDonalds, Akzo Nobel, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, A.S. Watson, Subway and Adecco. Vadelo helps customers to save money.

‘Import and export channels in picture!’

  Trading regions

Our products are produced worldwide, purchased and stored in our warehouses.
Vadelo has a number of fully automated distribution centers in Europe, from which we send our products to our customers every day.


How can we help you?


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